Are you one of the many people out there looking for someone to get honest with you about paid social media jobs, well your in the right place. I will give you a complete breakdown of this product, so you can make an informed decision yourself about this online business opportunity.



The Paid Social Media Jobs Review

The Paid Social Media Jobs Review

Name: Paid Social Media Jobs


Price: $27.0 with a $17.0 down sell.

Owner:  Simon Sultana.

Overall Rank: 10 out of 100

Who Will Benefit The Most From This Product – The Product Owners


The Sales Page


The Sales Page


Paid social media jobs claims to help you obtain work as a social media manager or consultant for business all over the world, as with all these products the sales page starts with a story of a single mother who was struggling financially and now earns $700.0 per week, working for companies doing there social media for them.


This type of marketing approach is very common as they know that a large part of their potential customer base will be single mums, so the marketing is targeting them specifically, a very common but powerful strategy to get you hooked. Its quite clever because they are asking for your email address first, then you will be taken to the actual product page where they will be asking your for your money.


I submitted my own email address and have already received emails offering me even more dodgy products like app coiner, making claims of an easy £300 per day, and no doubt I will be receiving  more e-mails like that.


The Breaking News Video

The Breaking News Video

This is a very real looking breaking news video about the rise in social media jobs around the world and how people like you can take advantage of this so called wonderful opportunity.


Here is an image of the same guy on fiver offering to make FAKE breaking news videos


Fiver Job advertisements


Fake News



I like to do my research and I discovered that creating fake breaking news videos is big business on Fiver as can be seen by the image below.

Breaking News Videos On Fiver

The next part of the sales page shows a screenshot of Annie Jones earnings, but look carefully and Annie Jones has now turned into Kate Jones, it looks like their getting careless now.


Paid Social Media Jobs Earnings Claims


The Activation Page

Once you submit your e-mail address you will be taken to the activation page, where they you will be asked to pay $27.0 for the product.


Paid Social Media Jobs Activation Page


You will notice on the right of the image that it says we are open to new members in the United kingdom, it will say this for any country you live in, it’s GEO targeted, so your country will appear on the page what ever country your are in. If you click away from the page this pop up will appear.


Paid social media jobs discount


This is the down sell, it’s GEO targeted so no mater what country your in you will get the same message but your own country will appear on the pop up. More fake advertising on their part. They are desperate to  get your money so they will give you access for just $17.0 which to them is better than nothing.


If you join this program you will be seen as a buyer and placed on their buyer list, you will then receive endless e-mails offering you jobs such as an app tester or paid to write type jobs, you will then be sent to another web page that looks exactly the same where you will be asked for more money to sign up for that program.


The Earnings Calculator

Earning calculator


After some more research  I discovered the same calculator on another product called app coiner.


Earnings calculator on app coiner

It would seem that this product is also owned by the same person or persons.

The Serial Product Producers


There is a small group of people out there known as “the serial product producers“, they keep on producing product after product because they know there is a living to be made from these types of over hyped products. They create one after another, make quick profit and then move on to the next one.


Below is a screen shot of the activation page, which informs you that you will also get access to all these other products, which tells me that all these products are owned by the same person.


The classic serial product producer who knows that the best way to make money is, just keep churning out these products, the real owner of these products is Simon Sultana. He also owns App Coiner and other similar products. All the websites for these products are exactly the same and they follow the same formula, he just keeps churning them out

Since submitting my email address I have been sent e-mail promising me all sorts of jobs that probably don’t even exist


The serial Product Producers


The Serial Product Producers Emails


The serial Product Producers


All the products they produce have the same pattern, they all promise vast wealth without any effort or sacrifice on your part, so they attract a lot of buyers, these people will never go away, and so the main aim of my website is to uncover the truth about these products. I know that if your on my site you are looking for a way to create an online business from home.

The only good thing I have to say about this product is that ii has a 60-day money back guarantee.


Paid Social Media Jobs Banner


This image or banner claims you will get paid for messing around on social media, I can assure you that messing around on social media is not what companies want you to do, unfortunately so many people use social media as a form of entertainment, and think that they can earn a living at it because they spend all day on Facebook, but if you do this for a living you will be expected to get real results.

The type of social Media jobs they are claiming you will get paid for 


Types Of Social Media Jobs



A great deal of these jobs are very simple and not results based, anybody can do most of them and I very much doubt that messing around on social media is what company’s are willing to pay for, they are also promising that these businesses will shower you with gifts as the image below shows.




Here is an image of a sample job from a company called Fastbake Cooking, I am a business owner so I know how to look up company’s and I could not find any evidence that this company is real at all. You will also notice that the profile is blank, another red flag for me.


Social Media Job Data Base



The most important things companies want and need to survive online are;

  • Brand Awareness
  • Customer acquisition
  • Profitable advertising campaigns
  • Good Company Image


Real Social media manages are paid quite well because their skills can produce real and tangible results for the business they work for, however these results are not achieved by messing around on Facebook, they are only achieved by people who have an in depth understand digital marketing stratagems.

What ever your skill set is, the best approach would be to invest in your self and get as much real training in the social media world as you can. There are great opportunities for people who have the right skills, and there is a lot of money to be made or earned in the digital marketing space.

If you want to work for a business doing social media, they are not going to pay you for simple jobs that can be done by anybody, they want real results for their money. You will be expected to raise the profile of the business as well as calculate how to create profitable add campaigns.

Social media can really help a business grow but at the same time it can also destroy them in an instant, the amount of people, politicians, celebrity’s and business that have destroyed their reputation and lives on social media is endless, so they will not outsource this type of work to anybody, they will only want to employ professional with a proven track record.


Verdict On Paid Social Media Jobs

Not Recommended

The Real World Of Paid Social Media Jobs


There is no doubt that digital marketing and social media are now part of the DNA of business all over the world, and there are plenty of opportunities out there to work in this field. Its rising exponentially, but you are going to need real skills, the real reason this product will not work is that there is not a company in the world that will pay a complete stranger, to do their social media marketing or any other marketing for that matter.

I did some research on Google and found a plethora of job opportunities out there for highly skilled people, companies are looking for the right individuals to help them succeed with all their digital marketing campaigns and presence online. However, what they will expect is real results from their social media, in other words an increase in customer acquisition and profits.


The Good News

There are however great opportunities out there if your willing to look for them, as long as you have the right skills and are willing to work hard for the company, the product I have reviewed for you claims you can earn $25.0 an hour just by messing around on social media, this is very unrealistic, if your going to get paid they will want real results.


Below is a screen shot of a real social media job that you can do from home. I live in the UK so it’s from near where I live, it only took me about 5 Minuets to find this. This is from a real job site here in the UK, and no doubt if you did a search in your area then you may find opportunities like this.


You won’t have to pay $27.0 for the privilege, and then be bombard with up sells and e-mails trying to sell you more over hyped get rich schemes.


Social Media Jobs Online


Paid Social Media Jobs On Fiver and Upwork

If you are looking for work as a social media consultant or worker then one of your best bets would be fiver, as it’s the main marketing place where businesses all over the world go, to outsource work like this. The benefit of fiver is that you can build a profile and a proven track record for delivering a service.

Although it’s called fiver, the reality is that you can charge much more and most of the money is earned with up sells from the main product or service you are offering.

Social Media Jobs On Fiver


Upwork is another very professional market place for people looking for paid social media jobs, these are tested and trustworthy sites that have built a reputation for finding the right people for the right businesses. There is actually a lot of money to be earned in the social media market place, if you look around and go the right places.


Social Media Jobs On Upwork



The Essential Skills Required To Be A Paid Social Media Manager

  • Copy Writing And Editing
  • SEO
  • Customer service
  • Design And Image Editing
  • Analytics And Reporting
  • Video Creation
  • Paid Social Media Advertising
  • Research And Planning


>>Get Trained To Be An Affiliate Marketer. Free To Get Started  


To be a successful social media manager you will need to have the skills to influence people, because that is the art of all marketing, digital or otherwise.

Final Thoughts

What you should not be doing in my opinion is paying somebody to go to work, the whole point is that you should be getting paid not them. Your Opinion Matters

I always want to serve you as best I can, if there is anything you would like to ask about this product or anything else about how to create a business online from home, then please use the comments section below.


Have you had any experiences with other products, good or bad, tell me about your them in the comments section below, we can help each other stay away from scams online, so please detail any experiences you have had with products in the past.


I am serous about helping people create an online business from home. The internet is a minefield so we all need to help each other out by giving relating out experiences to each other.



  1. Barry, Great article, very astute of you to find this newscaster in another video selling news stories! Good call! This article shows there are plenty of people out there who will take advantage of the people who are vulnerable, and that’s how they make their living.
    Good thing we found a place that doesn’t do that! And the people there WANT to help us wade through the scammers. High Five to the people who are a part of the Wealthy Affiliate Community! Keep up the good work!


    • Hi Steve thanks for your comment, I like to do my research and found that there are many people doing these fake breaking news videos, I am very focused on exposing these types of people as these products are everywhere online. I now get e-mails from them promising me jobs but I have to sign up for their program to get them. The guy who owns this product also owns other products, which all do the same thing, they promise people jobs as an app tester and other types of work, the formula is the same, for all his products, you have to pay to access these so called jobs which do not exist.

  2. Barry great job on the product review. I really like the fact that you found the news caster on other platforms. I actually looked at promoting this site and decided against it. After reading your post. I’m glad I didn’t. Once again great job.

    • Hi Scott thanks for your comments, I like to do my research, its amazing what you can find out on fiver. When I review products I go straight to fiver now to see if I can find the actors on their sales videos. Glad you decided against promoting this product it really has no value in my view, the same person has many similar products that promise easy money and jobs testing apps amongst other things.

  3. Great review Barry and I am sure there are many people out there looking to make money while being on Facebook or some other platform. Seeing how many people can be easily fooled because they do not know of the red flags they should look for in an opportunity that sounds too good to be true, they will fall prey to scammers trying to make a quick buck.

    I have seen those adds to “Get Paid to Mess Around on Facebook and Twitter.” Being that I know how to spot scams, I had a friend ask me, what is paid social media jobs about? I didn’t have to research much to know they were not legit, mainly because I know how social media works on the back end using it to market my website content.

    There will always be people who do not know better and then there will be people like you, here to guide them to safety so that they do not get ripped off. In my opinion the best way to learn how to make money on social media is to build yourself a website or blog, which is super simple to do, target a specific niche, and do social media marketing. You learn more by doing it yourself.

    • Hi Rob many thanks for your thoughts on my review of gold opinions, yes your right there will always be people who fall for these types of products, I write reviews like this to keep give people the truth about whats really under the bonnet of these products. I have done some extensive research and even the real and genuine company’s that do online surveys pay less than a dollar per survey, its slave labour in my view.

  4. Thanks for this review of Paid Social Media Jobs, Barry… this looks like one to steer clear of!

    There are too many red flags on this one for me… It certainly pays to do your research!

    Top review 🙂

    • Hi John many thanks for your comment today, glad to be of help to you, there seems to be a trend with these types for products as they clone one site after another I hope this review helps as many people as possible.

  5. Happy I read your review, in fact I didn’t know this before but since I’m looking for a business I can work from home, this could have been in my research results and I could have been trapped. I admit, I’m a little naive… But thank you and I will now be more careful when I’ll do my research! Like you said, the internet is full of fake business that only wants your money… We must be aware of these!

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