What Is Viral Cash App About

No doubt you have heard about viral cash app and you want to know what viral cash app is about, there are endless people out there promoting this product, don’t leave this page until you have read my review of this product, I will expose the truth and save you a lot of wasted time and more importantly money.


Viral Cash App Review

Name: Viral Cash App

Website: https://viralcashapp.com

Price: $47.0 With Down sells and Up sells totalling over $500.0

Owner: Mathew Neer

Overall Rank: 10 out of 100

Who Will Benefit The Most From Viral Cash App. = The product owners and affiliates promoting the product.


What Is The Viral Cash APP About.

Viral Cash Application

The viral cash app is a Clickbank product produced by Mathew Neer, it is software with video training claiming you can make lots of money by sharing viral videos on Facebook and other social media platforms.


How this business model is supposed to work


The truth is that social media platforms like U tube get paid when you watch videos as advertisers will pay for their ads to appear on popular highly viewed videos, however this process has nothing to do with you, you can only get paid if your the one placing ads or affiliate links on the videos you share on social media.


Viral cash app will give you access to training and a website called, www.viralsyndicator.com, this is where you post your videos and then try to get traffic from your own social media following to these videos. This website does not have any other traffic apart from what you are sending from your own social media following.

It does not attract any organic traffic from Google or any other search engine, so its not really a viral site at all, its just a website where you will be posting your videos and the traffic will need to come from you and your social media following, this is not at all targeted traffic and the chances of any of your friends on Facebook buying any of the offers you place on this website is almost zero.


The Viral Cash App Video Review




Below is a screen shot of the site you will have access to, if you want to take a look at the site for yourself, there is very little traffic or interaction on here, the sales videos claims you will own your own viral website, this is simply not true, as you to not own anything on this site, you will only have access to one of its pages and that’s it. You can not sell what you do not own as the sales video try’s to put over the false impression that you will have a viral asset to sell at some later date.



The Viral Cash App Website


Viral Cash App Website


This video has a massive 54 views, no likes or shares and there are no comments, this is pretty much the same for all the videos on this site, hardly viral is it, you are not really going to have much chance of making money with this amount of traffic as its tiny, viral videos are videos that get hundreds of thousands of views likes and shares.


This site has zero organic traffic from the search results and therefore this business model is completely flawed and will not work, as without traffic there is no business at all.


You are shown examples in the sales video of viral websites like the ones below, however the website you have access to gets very little traffic, it is not one of the viral type websites that the sales video talks about. These websites are highly successful and have taken years and lots of dollars to build.


They are run by whole teams of people, your videos are not going to appear on websites like these, the website your video will appear on has tiny amounts of traffic and is nothing like the websites mentioned in the sales video.


Viral Websites


Red Flag

Red Flag No 1

The Viral Website That You Can Sell


On the sales video Mathew shows you a site called flippa where people sell websites and he tells you that you can do the same with your own viral site.


It also points out on the sales video that you will not have to buy a domain name, so if this is the case you will not own any site or digital asset what so ever, this is a blatant lie and should begin to raise red flags for you.


The Viral Website You Can Sell


It clearly states here that you will never have to buy a domain name and then the same sales video tells you that you can flip your viral website on flippa for a fortune. If you don’t own the domain you can not sell any website. They are just lying to you.


The Viral Websites You Can Sell


Below is a screen shot of the first page of Google, the viral cash app does not have many good reviews and the only people that will make any money with this product are the owner and the affiliates promoting it.


Viral Cash App Review

Affiliate Marketing Done Badly


The first thing to understand, is that to make sales as an affiliate the audience your targeting needs to be relevant to the product you are promoting. Promoting a random, loose weight or make money online product through your affiliate link is like throwing a fishing line and hook in the Atlantic ocean and hoping to catch a fish.


Most people do not really understand how to create a successful affiliate marketing business, in order to make sales as an affiliate marketer you need to build a relationship with your intended audience. Putting random affiliate products in front of a cold audience and hoping that they will click your links and purchase your recommended products or services is a recipe for disaster.


The viral cash app is exactly this, they are making the claim that these so called viral videos will earn you money from affiliate products that you promote, this is simply not possible as your intended audience will be your own following on Facebook and unless this audience is in the tens of thousands then you don’t really have any traffic.


In addition to this, do you think that the people who follow you on Facebook want to be bombarded with adverts or affiliate offers by you all the time, I very much doubt it.


No Traffic = No Business


The other way of getting paid is if people click your ads, the problem here is traffic. you will need a high volume of targeted visitors to your videos and there are two ways to do this, free traffic or paid traffic. There is no training that teaches paid traffic and even if there was it would cost you hundreds of dollars in advertising.


There is no unique content as you are sharing someone else’s videos so your video will never get ranked in the search engines and get organic traffic, this leaves only one source of traffic left and that’s all your friends on Facebook. You are going to need a very large amount of Facebook friends for this to work and of course it means spamming your following.


Hoping all your so called friends on Facebook will click ads or buy random affiliate products is not a business model that is ever going to work, no matter how hard you try.


Very Low Earning Potential with Display Adds


Display Advertising

In order to use display ads you will need to get approved by Google Ad sense which is where these display ads come from. To get approved you will need traffic already going to your videos and offers before they grant approval.


Display ads are the ads you see quite often on websites around the web, they have a very low payout and although some websites do well with display ads most only earn a few cents with them.


You are not going to earn a great deal of money by a few people clicking on ads.


There are 2 main stumbling blocks with ad sense, its quite difficult to get approved because Google will want to see proven traffic on your site first and with this product you don’t even have a website. The other issue is that you’re earning potential will be measured in cents and not dollars.


These are the steps that the sales video tells you that you need to take in order to make money with this program, they forgot to mention that you need massive amounts of traffic to your videos and without massive traffic there is no chance at all of you making money.


Very Low Earning Potential with Display Adds


The Real Cost Of Viral Cash App


As you can see below this product will actually cost you about $400.0 to $500.0 and not the $47.0 you are told, if you go to the sales page and click away there are two down sells so you can pick it up for $10.0 but the up sells will still tell you that to make this really work you need all the rest of the products they have created.


The Many Downsides Of Software Products 


The reality of buying software products, that claim to make money is that even if its a genuine product, the software will always need to be supported, updated and maintained. These serial product producers produce these types of software over and over again,and once they have made as much money as possible on each software product, they move on to the next one.


There is a money back guarantee but that does not mean you will get your money back immediately, you will face a fight to get your money back as they know most people just give in in the end, so the chances of you receiving a refund is very low.



The Real Cost Of Viral Cash App

Mathew Neer The Serial Product Producer


Below is a screen shot from munch eye which shows all the other products created by Mathew Neer, he creates product after product as he knows the only way he can make money is keep selling more products that promise the world for very little effort. If the products he creates are so lucrative why does Mathew need to keep creating more products.

The Serial Product Producers


There are, unfortunately a whole group of these serial product producers out there that keep churning out these get-rich-quick schemes and as long as there are people that believe you can create a business with no effort or get something for nothing then these people will continue to keep creating these type of products.


These serial product producers use the same formula every time, they tempt you with a low price initial offer called a trip wire then once you have committed your self to the product they will convince you not to miss out on more so called golden opportunities and you will end up going through their funnel and purchasing all the up sells leaving you out-of-pocket to the tune of about $500.0 or more.


Affiliates marketers promote these products and send traffic to the front end sales page and make commissions on sales including the up sells. So the only people that benefit from this product and others like them are the product owners and the affiliates promoting them.


Viral Cash App Commissions From Clickbank



The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Bad:

CON #1 This business model does not work

CON #2 They lie to you about owning and flipping a website

CON # 3 There are lots of up sells

Con # 4 Fake news video on sales page

Con #5 Over hyped income claims


My Final Opinion of Viral Cash App



I would recommend that you stay well clear of this product and the purpose of this review was to warn you about viral cash app as it is in my opinion a complete scam as are most products produced by these serial product producers.


Your Opinion Matters

If you have had any experiences with this product or other products of this type please let me know in the comments section below. I want to hear from anyone who has any experiences with viral cash app or other products produced by Mathew Neer.


You may be helping others if you share your experience this website, I try very hard to produce content that stops people being ripped of and disappointed by these over hyped get-rich-quick schemes.



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