App Coiner Scam Or Legit

I know how frustrating it can be trying to find out if these types of products can really work for you, in this post I will give you a detailed view of app coiner. I will show you exactly what you are getting for your money and if the claims are true or false. Don’t buy this product until you have read my honest review of app coiner.


App Coiner Scam Or Legit My Honest Review.

Name: App Coiner


Price: $27.0

Owners: Simon Sultana

Overall Rank: 10 out of 100

App Coiner Overview – What Is App Coiner

App Coiner Tools And Training

App Coiner is a membership site claiming to help you get paid for testing apps and writing reviews on apps from app stores.

Who Will The Product Benefit The Most = The owners


What Is App Coiner


App coiner is yet another Clickbank product from Simon Sultana that is in the find jobs online niche, it claims to help you create an income from home testing apps. Firstly I should make you aware that Simon sultana if that’s his real name has a number of other products that are cloned, meaning that they all follow the same pattern

Clickbank Products from the same owner

  • Paid Online Writing Jobs


The Opt In Page


The purpose of this page is to get your e-mail address before they take you to the activation page, this means that you will be bombarded with e-mails offering you over hyped claims of earning potential. I have submitted my e-mail address and I have already received tons of e-mails promising me $100’s of dollars a day for doing things like liking Facebook pages and other really simple tasks.


The Opt In Page



Very Low Quality Sales Video built by software



Low Quality Sales Video


This part of the sales page tells you that it’s as simple as a 3 step process, choose an app, write a review and then get paid for you work.


Getting Paid To Test Apps

What They Are Not Telling You

Red Flag

The process is a little more complex than this, to get earn money testing apps you will first have to build your own website and then create a lot of content in the app niche.


To get your blog ranked in the search engines will need to have knowledge or search engine optimisation, keyword research, content writing and all the other skills that go along with niche website building.


You can write a review of a certain app and only if someone comes to you blog and reads your review then purchase the app will you get paid. In essence, you will need to become an affiliate marketer to earn a living reviewing apps.


The Activation Page

The Activation Page

This is true but people search online for app reviews which means you will need to have a niche website ranked in the search engines. For a website to rank in the search engines requires the creating of a lot of content, I am a blogger and it’s a full time job, I spend hours every day doing it.


App coiner makes it sound so easy, it does not tell you where you would need to write the reviews and the fact is that you only get paid if someone buys and downloads an app.


Geo Targeted Banners



Geo Targeted Banners


This banner appears on every site, I live in the UK, so it will say App coiner is open to members from the United Kingdom, where ever you are in the world it will list your country, this is very clever GEO targeting. The sales page is loaded with code to know your location and will change the banner accordingly, to suit the country you are in.


Another Geo targeted banner that will offer you the same discount in which ever country you live in.


Geo Targeted Discount Banner


The earning’s calculator

The Earnings Calculator


Firstly this earning’s calculator is very misleading, there is no way that you can determine what you will get paid if someone buys an app after they have read your review on your website. Its completely false, in addition to this the same calculator is used on all their other cloned websites.


This is the earning’s calculator on one of their other websites called, paid social media jobs.

Earnings Calculator Example




App Coiner Review Does It Really Work


What they are not telling you on the sales page is that app coiner is really an affiliate marketing business, and unless you have the skills, training and tools to become an affiliate marketer then this program is not going to work for you, it is not suited to newcomers or people who don’t have an affiliate marketing website.


Here are the steps you will need to take in order to write review on apps, it’s important to understand that you will not be writing reviews on the app coiner website you will need to create your one niche website.


  • Set up your own website
  • Choose a particular app to review
  • Write an in depth review on your website of this app
  • Incorporate affiliate links in your review content
  • Get your content ranked in the search engines to get traffic to it
  • You will only get paid if someone purchases an app through your affiliate link.


Here are some real statistics from the App Store, affiliates promoting apps could earn 2.5% of any app downloaded through affiliate links from blogs, this would mean you can earn 2.5% of 99 cents, which is about 3 cents, when you look at the numbers then the very unrealistic earning’s claims made by this product are brought into the light.


Apple also closed it’s affiliate program in 2018 and no longer pays affiliates commissions on any apps at all. Of course some apps are more expensive but even an app that costs about $5.0 is not really going to make you any real or life changing income.


If you would really like to earn a living reviewing apps of all kinds then you can find some high paying app affiliate programs and you will not have to pay app coiner for doing so, all affiliate programs should be free to join.


Is App Coiner A Scam


In my view, yest it is because it is making completely unrealistic earnings claims, app coiner is really an affiliate program for apps and their not telling you this as well as the fact that you will need to become an affiliate marketer and build your own blog and get traffic to it by ranking it in the search engines or using paid traffic methods, which is a skill in its self.


The only good thing I can say about app coiner is they offer a 60 day money back guarantee, but good luck trying to get your money back if you buy this program and then request a refund.

Not Recommended

Are There Any Real Opportunities To Earn Money Reviewing Apps?

You can earn money reviewing apps of all kinds if you know how to, if you have the right training and access to the best tools, there is no reason what so ever that you can not succeed online becoming an affiliate marketer reviewing apps or other types of software applications.

Apps and software tools are now part of the DNA of businesses all over the world and without them the whole commercial world could not exist.


There is money to be made reviewing and recommending a large scope of software applications that are offered from big companies like Google and Microsoft to name but a few.

>>>>Get Trained To Be An Affiliate Marketer – FREE To Get Started<<<<


How To Find High Paying App Affiliate Programs


If you get trained as an affiliate marketer then you can review and recommend all types of products in many types of niches, if it’s software that interest’s you, then you can get access to high paying affiliate programs in this niche through wealthy affiliates affiliate research feature that is available to all members.

Affiliate Search Program

If you would really like to earn a living reviewing apps of all kinds then you can find some high paying app affiliate programs and you will not have to pay app coiner for doing so, all affiliate programs should be free to join.


The affiliate program I found in the image above took only seconds to find, this affiliate program finding software has been designed to give affiliate’s the edge when it comes to building an online business.


There are opportunities to review apps all over the internet, but you need the right tools to find them, Wealthy Affiliate is the one stop shop for aspiring affiliate marketers and its FREE to get started.


When people think of apps they usually think about the ones we use on our phones but the app world is bigger than that, app means application, there are thousands of software applications that we all use every day and there are plenty of opportunities to become an affiliate for Microsoft or Google apps to name but a few, these types of affiliate programs pay better and you can earn a living through reviewing and recommending software apps of all kinds.


High Paying App Affiliate Programs

Google offers $15.0 per app for affiliates, another company is offering $100.0 for each customer you supply to them for their build an app for business program.


You need to think outside the box with this as there are thousands of online business in the app industry offering all kinds of services to customers and business alike, and many of them have affiliate programs.


There are Clickbank products that train people to build their own app and of course you can become an affiliate on Clickbank for free, and there you can search the market place for affiliate programs in the apps and software niches, with the search function at Wealthy Affiliate you can search for these programs without even leaving the platform, its designed to do all the hard work for you.


You simply click on the affiliate program that you are interested in and the software will show you immediately what the commission structures are for the relevant affiliate program, this tool is really invaluable for the aspiring affiliate’s marketer.


Clickbank Affiliate Program

You can get all the training and tools you need to become a successful affiliate marketer, you will be trained by experts to build your own traffic producing website in any niche you want to, you will be able to take advantage of the affiliate search feature and find the highest paying affiliate programs in thousand of niches.


Tell  Me Your Opinion Of App Coiner


The Purpose of  this post was to reveal,the truth about app coiner and to show you what this program is in reality, I am not recommending this product due to the fact that they blatantly hyping up the income claims which are no where near reality.


Give Your Opinion

I want to serve you as best I can, so if you have had any experiences good or bad with these types of products then please do Not hesitate to Let me know in the comments section.


I will always reply to all comments or questions, we can all help each other if we talk about our experiences online, shared experiences help everybody, so don’t hesitate to tell me about yours.



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