Are you one of the many frustrated, overwhelmed and aspiring affiliate marketers, with so many skills to learn just to earn your first buck online, lets end all those roadblocks and get you on the path to successful affiliate marketing.What Is The Best Website Builder For Affiliate Marketers


Everyone out there has told you affiliate marketing is easy, so they can sell you their products.


In this post called “what is the best website builder for affiliate marketers”, I will show you a way you can build an affiliate marketing website for FREE.


You will also get access to all the tools, training and support you need to be a successful affiliate marketer.


The Amazing Benefits Of This FREE to get started, All In One Affiliate Marketing Website Building Platform




  • Build Your Website In 30 Seconds With One Click
  • FREE Managed WordPress Hosting with auto backup
  • Choice of Affiliate WP Themes
  • FREE affiliate Marketing training
  • FREE Keyword tool (30 Free searches)
  • Automatic entry to affiliate program, earn while you learn
  • Supportive community
  • Video walk through
  • Your own Personal blog on the platform
  • 2 FREE Site Rubix Websites
  • High Website Loading Speed
  • FREE SSL Certificates


The Main Reasons That Most People Fail At Affiliate Marketing and Why You Don’t Need To.


  1. Lack of skills and training
  2. Trying to go it alone (lack of support)
  3. No structured Step By Step Process to follow

Affiliate Marketer


Affiliate Marketing can be and often is, a lonely and frustrating business, especially when you hit a road block and there is no one to ask, or you feel like giving in and you need someone to encourage you not to give up. Imagine if everything you need to build a successful affiliate marketing website was all in one place, all the technical headaches taken care of and an easy to follow structured training process for you to follow.


The Site Rubix web hosting platform is much more than just a web hosting solution, it’s more like a one stop shop for affiliate marketers, all the roadblocks listed above are solved, you will not ever feel alone again, imagine having a massive community of fellow affiliate marketers to help and guide you towards your personal and financial goals.


In addition to this, you can gain access to all the online tools you need to help you build a successful affiliate marketing business.


The Main Drawbacks Of Most Web Hosting Platforms


  1. Very Little Training
  2. Tech support usually very slow and difficult to get hold of
  3. Shared hosting resulting in slow load speeds
  4. Website security not always up to par, high web spam rates
  5. Website back-ups cost extra
  6. Filled with tools and software your don’t need and will never use



The Main Benefits Of The Site Rubix Managed WordPress Hosting Platform


Wordpress Managed Hosting


Managed wordpress hosting is essentially web hosting without all the the technical hassles, with managed wordpress hosting you can build the framework of your wordpress website in under 30 seconds without the hassle of having to install wordpress or use FTP, it’s all done at the click of a button. This leaves you free to concentrate on your affiliate marketing business and not have to worry about the back end all the time.


  • Managed wordpress hosting
  • Specifically Built For Building An Online Business
  • Designed for High Speed
  • 24 Hour tech support
  • Hundreds of FREE themes to choose from
  • Supportive community of other aspiring affiliate marketers
  • 2 FREE Site Rubix Domains
  • FREE Website Backups
  • FREE SSL Certificate
  • Email Client Feature


Step 1: Start Building Your Website for $0 at

Step 2: Create a Totally Free Account

Step 3: You get immediate Access to 2 Free Websites & and a get started Training Platform

This includes all you hosting, 2 FREE domains, the get started training for affiliate marketers, access to the community, FREE website backups and SSL certificate, your own personal blog on the platform in addition to your websites, high speed managed WordPress hosting,  30 FREE searches on the jaaxy keyword tool, hundreds of FREE themes to choose from and an E-mail address for your website.


Build Your Website For Free


The Benefits Of Using WordPress As A Website Builder For Affiliate Marketing


Wordpress Websites

  • 100% FREE to use, open source software
  • Installed with one click
  • Thousands of FREE themes to style your site
  • Thousands of FREE plugins for additional functionality
  • Ideally suited for affiliate marketing
  • User friendly
  • Constantly Kept updated
  • Google Friendly
  • On Page SEO easy to facilitate



What Is The Best Website Builder For Blogging


Do you have a passion in life that you would love to turn into a thriving business, maybe your into health, nutrition or even parenting, what ever your passion or interest, have you always dreamed of giving up your day job and making a living online doing something your love, helping others to achieve their goals or solve problems in a particular area or field.


So what’s stopping you, is it the technical stuff or you just don’t know where to start, maybe you don’t think you have all the skills needed to build a successful online business. All these roadblocks and many more are what stops most people from getting started online, and so many people have tried, failed, and given up, well the whole purpose of this website is to help people just like you.


You can set up your FREE account quickly and easily, and you can start the first phase of your affiliate marketing training as soon as you join.


Watch The Video Below You Can See How To Build A Website In 30 Seconds


Build A Website In Under 30 Seconds


The 5 Things Your Website Needs For Successful Affiliate Marketing


Your website is your digital asset, it’s speaks for you when you are not there, so the web host your choose really matters, it’s the platform that delivers and serves your content, there are some important aspects that some web hosts lack and can mean the difference between success and failure online.


  1. High Speed Load Time.
  2. Professional Look.
  3. Simple To Navigate For Your Readers.
  4. Utilises A Content Management System. (CMS)
  5. Good Quality Website Content. (Content That Solves Problems)

If you can put these 5 things in place you will own a highly successful affiliate marketing website, I believe the best way to achieve this is to use a framework that simplifies this whole process. You can begin to build a FREE WordPress website right from this page.


Would you like to get going right now from this page, you may have an idea of what niche you want to create your business from, then just choose your domain and type it into the box below and you can begin to build your website right now, the process is really simple, choose a domain and click the “build it now button”. You will be taken to a page to set up your FREE account, it only takes a few seconds, with some basic details.


Don’t worry you can change your domain name before you finally decide an what you want it to be.


Once this is done you begin to build your website, don’t worry if you get stuck, you will have access to me, I am a WordPress Web designer as well as an affiliate marketer. In addition to this you will be able to ask any questions you want and the whole community of affiliate marketers will be only to willing to answer any questions you may have.


At no time will you be left alone unless you wish to be, you will receive a personal message from me the moment you join and I am willing to help you any way I can to get you going on the right track.


Enter a domain in the box below to get started.


You will also get immediate access to all this FREE training which is designed to get you off the starter blocks, this training has been built by real successful affiliate marketers who know exactly what its like to be just getting started. This is not theory its real, step by step process that has been tried and trusted to work for any body that follows the simple steps outlined in the get started training.


Online Training At Wealthy Affiliate

Get Started Training Lessons



Online Training Course Benefits And Outcomes


So many people struggle alone and hit the same roadblocks as there is no one to ask, although there is plenty of information all over the internet, its so spread out and there are not many trust worthy people who really want to help get your affiliate marketing business off the ground.


The get started training is designed to get you going and give you the confidence to create an online business from home, in a niche that excites you. Imagine how it will feel when you get your first sale, you will never look back.


How Does Site Rubix Managed Web Hosting Solution Compare To Other Platforms


Managed Web Hosting Solution



Main Benefits And Features Of The Free Affiliate Marketing Website’s Builder

  • Managed wordpress hosting
  • Specifically Built For Building An Online Business
  • Designed for High Speed
  • 24 Hour tech support
  • Hundreds of FREE themes to choose from
  • Supportive community of other aspiring affiliate marketers
  • 2 FREE Site Rubix Domains
  • FREE Website Backups
  • FREE SSL Certificate
  • Email Address Feature


The Major Benefits Of Joining This Platform 


There is nothing like being surrounded by like minded people who are trying to achieve the same things as you are, they understand all the frustrations that go with online marketing. Most people in your circle of friends and family will not understand this industry and many will discourage you from going forward, labelling everything online as a scam.


It can be a real uphill battle to keep going and achieve your dream of creating a real online business from home, Wealthy Affiliate provides an active platform of affiliate marketers who help each other. They provide all the tools, training and support you will ever need to become successful.


Many people on this platform become amazon affiliates, utilising the amazon and associates affiliate program, they promote physical products in thousands of different niches, they write product reviews  and recommendations on their niche websites, and the in depth training will show you exactly how to get your content ranked in the Google search engines.


Many affiliate marketers use Clickbank, which is an information digital market place where products vendors and affiliates come together, the commissions for information products on Clickbank are very high as much as 75% in most cases, so the earning potential is massive.


You can learn how to use Clickbank as an affiliate marketer, with hundreds of different niches to choose from, its one of the most popular affiliate programs for promoting other companies products online  as an affiliate marketer.


Whether you are a beginner at affiliate marketing or you just want to take advantage of the web hosting and go your won way, then then this platform will serve you well, with a wealth of ongoing live training which is always recorded so you never need to miss a single lesson and all the tools and support available to you as an online marketer what ever your direction or niche.


One of the most recent innovations on this platform is the affiliate programs search function, which enables you to search for relevant affiliate programs in thousands of niches, from anywhere in the world.

The platform  can also be accessed from just about any country in the world, this is truly a global community of online marketers and business owners.

Upgrade Benefits Of The Paid Version.



Best Managed WordPress Hosting Comparison Table

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Comparison Table


The Main Additional Benefits If You Choose To Upgrade Once You Get Started With The FREE Version


If you want to begin building an affiliate marketing website, I would recommend using this platform as it will give you all the tools and training in one place.


Get Trained To Be An Affiliate Marketer>>>> 


You can also become part of the biggest affiliate marketing community, with like minded people from all over the world who are willing to help you become a successful affiliate marketer. You really can create a business around your passion, if you know how.





I use this platform for all my affiliate marketing needs, it has all the tools and ongoing training that I will ever need to be a successful affiliate marketer, so this review is coming from a real user with years of real life experience on this platform.


If you have any questions at all about any aspect of web hosting or affiliate marketing on this platform then please do not hesitate to ask them in the comments section below.


Conclusion Your Opinion Matters


Have you had experiences, good or bad with different web hosts and products?  if so, let me know in the comments what they are, you will be helping others if you write about any experiences you have had in the past, so please do comment below.


I will always answer any comments or questions as best I can .

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