There is no greater feeling for an affiliate marketer or blogger than getting your content ranked on page 1 of the Google search results, the Jaaxy Keyword research tool has been built to help you achieve just that.


The Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review

As with all online tools there are no guarantees, so I will be giving you the full low down in the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review, and you can decide if the jaaxy keyword tool is the right fit for you and your online business.




Keyword and market research is the essential skill that online marketers need to understand their audience, and the competition in any relevant niche.

The Main Benefits of the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool for the Online Marketer – The Power Of Jaaxy


  • Cloud based, No Downloading
  • Pulls results from the top 3 search engines
  • Designed And Built By Successful Online Marketers For Online Marketers
  • In Depth Keyword Research
  • Multiple Threaded keyword Search Function – Tabbed Results
  • Related Keyword Phrase List Displayed On All Keyword Strings
  • Alphabet Soup Keyword Function – Automated Associated Letters and Keywords
  • Saving and Managing Keyword Lists Function
  • See Your Site Ranking For Any Page Or Post In An Instant
  • Search History Saved Automatically
  • Brainstorm Feature – Hot Trends Online
  • Niche research as well as keyword research
  • Full video training


Who Will The Jaaxy Keyword Tool Be Suited For

  1. Affiliate Marketers
  2. Local Marketers
  3. Online Marketer
  4. Domain Flippers
  5. Site Flippers
  6. Online Marketing Agency’s


The Main Drawbacks With MOST Other Keyword Tools…


I am guessing you may have tried a few keyword tools in the past, that produce a lot of data, metrics and numbers that you then have to try to make sense of as best you can. Numbers and data don’t have any value to the online marketer unless you can make some sense of them.

The Jaaxy keyword tool is a one stop shop solution where the data and what it means is displayed instantly within the tool itself, you can tell it’s been designed by online marketers instead of software engineers.

In truth is there are only 3 pieces of data that you need to know when doing keyword research for SEO purposes.


  • The level of competition the keyword has
  • The amount of traffic the keyword gets
  • If the keyword makes grammatical sense


The first two metrics can be captured by Jaaxy in seconds, if you can find keywords that have high traffic and low competition, these are SEO ready and you can can dominate the search engines by creating relevant content and videos for your audience.


It’s easier if you have the right data.

Keyword Research Data

A few points to consider that show signs of low grade keyword tools :


  1. Anything that requires downloading.
  2. Not using all the search engines to pull results from.
  3. Using Alexa to determine competition levels.
  4. Numerous searches to provide a single result.


These factors really matter when deciding which keyword tools to use, there are many low grade keyword research software tools to watch out for. If you are serous about online marketing your keyword research tools and skills can and often do make the difference between success or failure with your online business.


Digital marketing is like cutting down a large tree with an axe, you should spend the majority of the time sharpening your axe so cutting the tree down will not seem like a herculean task. Most online marketers fail to realise this and struggle to create a successful online business. The more time you spend researching keywords and developing your keyword skills the easier it will be to get your content ranked in the search engines.


  • 95% Preparation
  • 5% Execution


Most marketers do this the other way round, always spend more time sharpening your axe, then cutting down the tree will be seem quite effortless.


With the right tools and the right skills you can dominate the search engines as well as find, those buyer keywords which are the secret to successful affiliate marketing online.

Finding Money Making Keywords Has Now Become Simplified

How To Do Keyword Research To Find Money Making Keywords


How To Do Keyword Research

Before we get into using the jaaxy keyword tool, you need to understand keyword research at a deeper level than most and why so many people get keyword research wrong and fail to get conversions once they get their content to the top of the search results.


What so many marketers do, is they obsess over getting high traffic keywords rather than targeting buyer keywords, so let’s first dig into what a buyer keyword actually is.


Put simply, a buyer keyword is a keyword that has intent, meaning that the person typing into Google has a strong intent to take action in order to solve a particular problem, so let me give you some examples.


High traffic keywords attract a broad range of people and are difficult to rank for.

Buyer keywords attract specific people who have a specific problem and have the motivation to take action as well as being easier to rank for.


Example 1 = Health Niche

Level 1 Keywords = Healthy Eating

Level 2 Keywords = Healthy Eating Habits

Level 2 Keywords = Healthy Eating Plans

Level 3 Keyword = 7 Day healthy Eating Plan

I will now interpret for you, the level of intent of each keyword.


Buyer Keywords

Healthy Eating – This keyword has very low intent, it’s very general and is more than likely being used by an information seeker rather than a buyer or someone who is willing to take action.


Healthy Eating Habits – This is a bit more specific but still has quite low intent and is still more about information seeking than buyer intent or a willingness to take action.


Healthy Eating Plans – This keyword has a bit more intent because it has the word “plans” in it which means someone is looking for a solution to a problem.


7 Day Healthy Eating Plans – This has a high intent value, it’s very specific because the person seems to know exactly what they want and is looking for a specific solution. If you are writing a product review you can target an information product that solves this exact problem or give away an e-mail course with this exact solution.


Now the chances of your traffic taking action is dramatically increased and this is a money making keyword because the intent to take action is very high.


As a general rule the keywords that are, 4 or more words long are the money making keywords, the good news is that these type of keywords, called, the “long tail” nearly always have low competition and subsequently are easier to rank for.


If you create content around this type of keyword, you will be following the 2 golden rules of digital marketing



Relevant and Specific


Below is a short introduction to the Jaaxy Keyword Tool 



How To Research Keywords With Jaaxy.


So without further ado, let’s find some money making keywords using the Jaaxy Keyword Tool.

I will stick with the health niche and start with a seed keyword.

Seed Keyword = Healthy Eating

Below are the related results for this keyword in Jaaxy

What we are looking for are the long tail related keywords for this niche with a high traffic volume and low competition.

Within seconds Jaaxy has come up trumps with a list of low competition keywords that I can choose from. I found a real winner in a highly competitive and highly profitable niche as indicated below by the red box

Seed Keyword = Healthy Eating


Jaaxy Keyword Search Results



Related Keywords = 7 Day Healthy Eating Plan

I have chosen this keyword because it seems to have high intent, the person typing it in has a problem and wants a specific solution, this is a potential buyer keyword. However, we don’t stop there, let’s take the research to the next level.

All I have to do is click on the relevant keyword and Jaaxy will carry out and automatic search on that keyword and return a set of results in seconds.


Keyword Tool Search Results


Related long tail keyword = 7 day healthy eating plan weight loss

This is a real winner and is a potential gold mine, Let’s take a look at the stats for this keyword

Avg = 10014 searches per month

Traffic = 1703, this represents the traffic you could expect on your website if you get to page 1 of Google

QSR = 7 (Quoted Search Results) This represents the amount of websites targeting this specific keyword phrase

SEO Score = (88) Means it’s easy to rank for.

OK as you can see in only a few minutes using the Jaaxy keyword tool, I have located a highly profitable keyword in the health niche, with hardly any competition, but let’s go a step further and search on Google just to confirm these results.


Google Search Results


This is an image of the search I did on Google and there are only 3 competing pages for this keyword phrase, you can also see that the top search result is an image on pinterest. It’s not going to take much to outrank an image on the first page of Google.

Now Let’s take the keyword and create a grammatically correct title for a blog post

7 Day Healthy Eating Plan – Weight Loss Made Simple.

This would make a perfect title for a blog post where you could provide relevant information on this topic and offer and affiliate product from Clickbank, or provide your own E-mail mini course to give a solution to this problem. This keyword has a high intent value, it’s from people who want to take action and solve a specific problem.

The whole process took me less than 10 minutes, I hope the example I have provided here, shows you the power of the Jaaxy keyword tool.

How To Research keywords For Free


There’s nothing like using a tool your self, to see the power of this keyword research software.

Now it’s your turn, you can research keywords for FREE, right from this page using Jaaxy, just use the search box below to find some money making keywords in any niche.





Further, Benefits and Features Of The Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool For The Aspiring Marketer.


  • Automated Domain Name Availability Displayed alongside each keyword.
  • Alphabet Soup Function – Find massive lists of, as yet unused high traffic, low competition keywords.
  • Save keyword lists and export them into a CSV or TXT file.
  • In Depth Video Training.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Software has so many benefits and features, including an automatic domain availability function that displays the relevant domains for a specific keyword.



Domain Availability Within Jaaxy



The Alphabet Soup Feature – This is one of my favourite features of Jaaxy, the benefits of this are priceless, you type in a keyword and Jaaxy provides a list of keywords with each letter of the alphabet. Below is a search I did for the keyword Healthy Eating. Jaaxy now displays a list of keywords with the letter (a) included.

These are the hidden gems that most marketers don’t realise even exist, there so are many goldmines hidden here. To make things really easy there is a slider on the top, just move the slider and it will show you lists of keywords with every letter in the alphabet.


Scroll down to see the slider in action


The Alphabet Soup Technique



I have moved the slider to the letter (h) to show you how easy it is to see keywords with any letter in them, a goldmine of keyword ideas that you may not have thought of before.


The alphabet soup technique search results


If you want to dig deeper into any of the keywords then you just need to click on any of them and jaaxy will automatically carry out a further search on that particular keyword and produce another list of results. You can also click, add and build a list of keywords right inside Jaaxy, from this feature.

Ready to find some high value keywords, for your business


>>Give Jaaxy A Spin For Yourself<< 




Jaaxy Keyword Tool 30 Free Searches



Jaaxy In Depth Video Training 

To ensure you get the best out of the Jaaxy keyword research tool it comes with its own high quality video training, the first video takes you through the keyword research and management. This training shows you how best to utilise this tool, it can be a struggle with other tools to keep track of all the keyword lists you research.


Jaaxy would be a must have tool for affiliate marketers who do a lot of research. In addition to this any body that does local marketing or has local marketing agency would find this tool and training highly valuable, as you can manage thousands of keywords and hundreds of different keyword list all in one place


Jaaxy Video Training Part 1 


Jaaxy Keyword Tool Training Video


Jaaxy Video Training Part 2

In part 2 of the in depth video training you discover how to use the site rank feature, which enables you to see your own sites ranking and position in Google for any keyword, without you having to leave the platform. You will never need another tool again for checking and tracking your sites rankings for any page or post on your site.


In addition to this you can not only check your own sites ranking but any site you want, so it enables you to check your competitions rankings for any keyword

The Search Analysis Feature 

This powerful feature will benefit any online marketer who cares about competition, it allows you to reverse engineer what other sites are ding to get rankings. You can type in any keyword and it will display the top results in the SERP’S. You can then simply click the details tab ant it will show you all the SEO details of a website ranking on the first page of Google.



Jaaxy Video Training Part 2


Competition Analysis Within The Jaaxy Keyword And Market Research Tool


Jaaxy Competition Analysis Feature



Jaaxy Video Training Part 3

If your stuck for a profitable niche, Jaaxy has a brain storm feature which searches 4 different platform, including Google, Alexa amazon and twitter every day for the latest trends online. You can also add your own ideas to this feature. The second part of this video training details how to research domain availability.


Jaaxy Video Training Part 3


The brainstorm feature on Jaaxy 



The Brain Storm Feature In Jaaxy


Choosing A Jaaxy Plan That Is The Right Fit For You


I have only shown you a taste of what Jaaxy can do, this tool is a “must have” if your an affiliate marketer or online business owner with the brainstorming feature you have the power to research niche selection with the hottest trends online, all your keyword lists can be saved and organised as well as exported in seconds in a CSV or TEXT file.


Whether you do local marketing or any other online marketing this software will be give you the edge over your competition.


Full video training is also available to take you through all the benefits and features of this tool. If your still on the fence about Jaaxy then try the FREE version and take Jaaxy for a spin your self and see if its right for you. The software is web based so you can access it from anywhere, including on your phone, if your out and about.


In addition to all this, there is an accurate site rank feature so you can track your rankings in real time, for any page or post on your site.


Choose the Jaaxy That Suits YOU Here! I am a PRO member of the Jaaxy Keyword Software, I use it every day as an affiliate marketer, I would not be without this tool. I like to get my data fast and I need it all in one place, this is the only tool I need to create content that ranks for my relevant audience.





Jaaxy Starter = Free.

Jaaxy Pro = $49 Per Month

Jaaxy Enterprise = $99 Per Month


The purpose of this review is to help you understand how to create content that your audience is looking for and get it ranked highly in the search engines. The skills I have explained on this page will give you the edge over most other affiliates, so I would highly recommend the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool For you and your business.

I would be only too happy to hear your thoughts and questions about the Jaaxy Keyword Tool. I will always respond to any comments, questions or concerns you might have. I am a PRO user of this tool so my review is coming from real experience. I would not continue to use this software if it was of no value to me.



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