There is a Massive Opportunity Available To Anyone Who Has A Desire To  Create Your Own Online Business From Home, I will show you how to sell other companies products online and create your own traffic producing website.


Imagine waking up in the morning and finding out that you have made money from selling other companies products online, and knowing that your potential income does not have any limits.


How To Sell Other Companies Products Online

The opportunities to sell other companies products online have never been better than they are today, thanks to the exponential growing amount of people who purchase products and services on the Internet.


In this post I will give show the best way to get access to this truly massive, and often life changing opportunity to sell other companies products online. There are thousands of niches and different directions you can choose from.



An Introduction To How To Sell Other Companies Products Online – Lets Get Started.


An introduction to affiliate marketing


The good news is that due to the rapid increase in technology and software in the shape of cheap and effective online tools and platforms that can do the tech work for you, anybody who has a laptop and an Internet connection can get a slice of this massive almost infinite pie that exists online, the playing field has been truly levelled.

Anybody with a laptop or PC and an internet connection can get access to this truly life changing opportunity and create their very own onlie business from home.




Let’s Take A Look At The Numbers.


Currently it is estimated that half the world’s population is connected to the Internet, that’s about 3.5 billion people who are actively participating online.


In every major city around the world there are millions of small business who serve their community with products and services, but if you start an online business selling other companies products online your reach is thousands of times greater than any of these small business.

The information product industry


In essence, you will never run out of customers to serve or products to promote, as it is estimated that there are 550,000,000 products and services that you can promote as an affiliate.


One of the best opportunities is the information, training  and online services products that you, as an affiliate can promote, this industry is currently estimated at a staggering 630 Billion Dollars.


Affiliate marketing is one of the most successful business models and its perfect for the online world as you can access this opportunity with just a laptop and and internet connection.


It also means that all manner of business can access affiliate marketers through their affiliate programs to promote their products for them. You can achieve all this without even leaving your home. The global world of products and services is just about open to anyone who has the desire to promote their products and services.


The biggest reason that affiliate marketing is so popular with all manner of industry is that businesses only pay the affiliates when they get a sale, this saves them a fortune on advertising as the affiliate does all the promoting for them. Its beneficial for the affiliate’s due to the fact that the affiliate does not need any products to create an online business.


Its a win win for both parties and this business model is taking over the world of business and its getting bigger every day, with the right training and tools you can get access to this growing opportunity.


The Amazing Benefits Of Becoming An Affiliate Marketer Online.


The benefits of being an affiliate marketer



Not so long ago there were to many barriers to entry for the affiliate marketer, but now there are sophisticated platforms and software at a price that most people can afford to get their online business up and running. To give you an example, I used to be an electrician in the UK.Affiliate Marketing online


To set up my electrical business cost me $30,000 just to get started, to set up and run my affiliate marketing business, costs me only a few hundred dollars a year.


I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate which provides all my affiliate marketing training and tools that I will ever need in one place, the ongoing training and marketing tools are also available to me 24 hours a day 365 days a year.


It also provides me with all my web hosting and a community of thousands or other online marketers who I can ask questions from and get the support I need, if I need it.


The Internet has truly turned the world on its head and it could change yours as well.


With zero product inventory, zero physical space, zero shipping costs, with all customer support and refunds handled by the product merchant or owner, I can concentrate on providing value to my readers, recommending and promoting the best products and services that suits their needs.

Choosing Your Niche Or Direction


With all the opportunity out there, the first step you need to take is to choose a niche or direction to go in, there are in essence 4 types of products you can promote.

Choosing your niche or direction

  • Physical Products
  • Information And Training Products
  • Software Products
  • Cost Per Action (CPA) Offers


Most people start with the desire to create a business out of one of their passions, you may be passionate about health and diets, or personal development.


These types of niches have massive opportunities in them for you to build a website around and server your audience by creating content that solves their problems and adds value to their lives.


More and more people are turning to the internet to turn their passion into a profitable business, there is no end of niches or passions that can be turned into a profitable online business.

Below is a by no means exhaustive list of niches that have great opportunities in them for the aspiring affiliate marketer.

  • Health
  • Personal development
  • Weight Loss
  • Parenting
  • Online marketing
  • Relationships
  • Hobbies and pastimes
  • Do It your self
  • Astrology
  • Trading
  • Green Products


Unusual, and Often Overlooked, Highly Profitable Niches For Affiliate Marketer.


A lot of niches are over looked in the affiliate marketing world, because no one thinks there is any interest in these types of areas, but because there  over looked there is a massive opportunity to create an income in them. Below is a list of some really unusual niches that have affiliate products that sell like hot cakes to the right buyers.

  • Magic
  • Witchcraft
  • Numerology
  • Manifestation
  • Spirituality
  • Guardian Angles
  • Personal readings
  • Tarot cards

Here is one product from Clickbank that is really popular and selling really well for its affiliates, don’t overlook these types of niches as there is a lot of interest in them and lots of money to make if you become and affiliate. Go to Clickbank and get your free account and take a look at all the products in the market place, it will open your eyes to lots of amazing opportunity’s that you may have overlooked in the past.


Unusual Niches



Unusual Niches For Affiliate Marketers




Overlooked Niches For The Affiliate Marketer


I did a simple keyword search in my Jaaxy keyword research tool for the keyword “tarot Cards” and I found that the monthly searches were over 40.000 per month as can be seen below.


Keyword Research For Tarot Cards


Tarot Cards Monthly Searches



Monthly Searches For Tarot Cards In Jaaxy


This means that on this keyword alone and some related keywords there is an audience of over 40,000 people a month who want to be served. The job of the affiliate is to serve their audience with the products and services that solves their problems. Keyword research is the most valuable skill the aspiring affiliate marketer needs to obtain.


I did a quick search on Wealthy Affiliates. Affiliate Program Search Function and within seconds I got 3 affiliate programs that were in the tarot card niche.


Affiliate Program Search Function


Witchcraft And Magic Spells Niches 


Keyword Research For Magic Spells



Keyword Research In The Witch Craft Niche



In these niches alone just from these keyword there are over 25,000 searches a month, and this is without going into any real depth, there are literally thousands more related keywords in every niche, so the potential is really massive.


Affiliate Programs in the witchcraft and magic spells niche 


Affiliate Programs In The Witchcraft And Magic Spells Niches


Who would of thought that magic spells and witchcraft could be profitable niches, so always remain open minded and focus on what the market wants rather than what you think it wishes for. Research first before you take the plunge into an a niche, look at products first and see if their is a demand first before you dive into your niche.


The commission of information products are really high, in most cases they are as high as 75% which makes affiliate marketing worthwhile and highly profitable.


Physical Products On Amazon 

The Trampoline Niche 


Best Seller Trampoline On Amazon




Trampoline Keyword Research


The keyword trampoline alone has over 50,000 searches a month that’t over 600,000 people a year just on one keyword and that’s not including the thousands of related keywords in this niche.



Specialising In Your Niche 

You could also specialise within your niche and focus on trampolines for children, with over 3,500 searches per month, about 40,000 searches per year for kids trampoline, you can get a feel for this market and see that the demand is very high. If the demand is high you can get your slice of a very big pie.


There are thousands or related keywords in every profitable niche and in addition to this there are product related keywords that are being searched for every day in thousands or niches.



Keyword Research On Kids Trampolines


The truth is that there are actually to many opportunities rather than not enough of them, as the online world keeps growing exponentially this does not look like slowing down anytime soon.

Anybody can turn their passion into a real business, with the right tools and training you can become an affiliate in any niche where there is a market demand. Obtaining skills in keyword research is all part of the becoming a successful affiliate marketer.


The 4 Things You Need To Becomes An Affiliate Marketer.



If you have all the above then you are well on your way to becoming a successful affiliate marketer online, one of the biggest roadblocks is obtaining the skills and knowledge to achieve these things as well as access to the best online tools which all marketers use.


What stops so many people creating an online business is fear if the technical aspect of building and maintaining a website, there is a bewildering choice of web hosts and web building companies out there, sometimes the choice is too much, and you can spend to much time trying to get reviews of online services and you don’t know who to trust or what to believe.


Building Your Affiliate Website.


If your new to this space then it can be, and often is bewildering and overwhelming as to where to start and what web host to use and how to actually build your website.


I started out using hostgator which is one of the biggest web hosting platforms out there, at first is was really good, but the reality is that many of the big web hosting companies have been taken over by a corporate giants. When ever this happens you can be sure of one thing, the customer service will suffer. The bigger a business gets the more distant and aloof it often gets from its customers.Building An Affiliate WordPress Website


The web building and web hosting features at Wealth affiliate have been built by real affiliate marketers, and designed, specificity for affiliate marketers. You can build the framework of your wordpress website in under 30 seconds, all the hosting is included and all the technical aspects are done for you.


Your site loading speed is one of, if not the most important aspects of your online presence  , if your site speed is slow you potential customers will simply click away from your site and go elsewhere. With most web hosts you will get, what is called shared hosting, which means your server is shared with other websites.


At Wealthy Affiliate you get managed wordpress web hosting, managed wordpress web hosting is hosting that is dedicated to wordpress websites and everything is done to strip away unnecessary and often unused  functions to ensure your website is fast.


It comes with its own back up service, SSL certificate and website security functions.


You will have excellent and fast responding technical support from their team. In all my experience at wealthy affiliates site support I have never waited for than a few minuets for a response to my questions.


I would also highly recommend getting some training in affiliate marketing and website building in general. The biggest mistake people make is they try to go it alone, affiliate marketing is a specific skill and requires some in depth knowledge.


How to start a successful blog

There are quite a few website builders for affiliate marketers, that make life easier for the affiliate, if you are afraid of the technical side of this business, then this is where platforms like Wealthy Affiliate come into their own, with their all in one web building and training solution for the aspiring affiliate marketer.


Fortunately technology has evolved to a point where access into this industry has become much easier with platforms like wealthy affiliate and a few others, where all the tech stuff is taken care of.


You can enjoy access to online tools as well as the all important training that you need to get started and keep your online business up and running.



Get Started As An Affiliate Marketer For FREE



How Do I Access Affiliate Programs?

A recent new feature of Wealth Affiliate, is the affiliate programs search function inside the platform, which allows members to search directly within the platform for all manner of affiliate programs in thousands of niches.

This feature makes life as an affiliate a great deal easier, its also kept constantly updated and even over the next 18 months there are already planned new updates and features which will be added to this amazing feature of wealthy affiliates training platform for aspiring affiliate marketers.


Affiliate Program Search


One of the many benefits and features of the affiliate program search function at Wealthy Affiliate is the ability to add filters to narrow your search parameters , this can be very useful and save a lot of time, enabling you to search for the niches you are most interested in.


This online tool has the benefit of being able to laser target the industry or niche your targeting, its far more efficient than a general Google search for an affiliate program.



Filters For Affiliate Programs


There are a number of other functions to search by:


Top Rated


Top Rated Affiliate Programs


High Percentage


Search By High Percentage


Highest Commissions 


Search By Commission


With the ever increasing development of tools like this, the affiliate marketing industry is becoming much easier for the affiliate marketer. The world is changing rapidly and more and more people are turning away from the  traditional models of work and swapping time for money and turning to the internet to create an online business from home.


You can also do a Google search to find affiliate programs, and the biggest two are listed below.

There are a great number of affiliates programs out there, Clickbank and Amazon Associates are two of the biggest ones, and both are ideal for anybody who wants to get a foothold in this industry.


The clickbank market place

Clickbank is a digital marketplace where products owners and product promoters (affiliate marketers) come together and you can promote any number of information and training products in many niches.


The great benefit of information products for the affiliate is the very high commissions available. Between 50% and 75% is the norm in this industry.


Information products have a high commission rates for the affiliate because there is no physical storage or shipping required, in the age of the internet customers can get instant access to the products, through downloads and online video training. The information industry is currently estimated to be worth around $650 Billion, the opportunities are almost limitless.


Clickbank is easy and free to join, there are no barriers to entry and is an excellent choice especially for the beginner, they have made it really easy to promote all the products in their market place. In my, no nonsense guide on how to use Clickbank as an affiliate I show you everything you need know.


Amazon And Associates

The biggest and most popular affiliate program for physical products is commonly called Amazon And Associates. Over 40% of all amazon sales come from affiliates, when you consider the size of this company you can begin to see the huge opportunity for the budding affiliate.


The commissions for physical products are lower but the up side is that if your website sends someone to amazon through your affiliate link you will get commissions on anything else they buy.


It is rare that people only buy one item on amazon so there is ample opportunity to earn a good living as an amazon associate.


Summing Up


With the ever increasing development of tools and training becoming available, the affiliate marketing industry is becoming ever more accessible  for the affiliate marketer. The world is changing rapidly and more and more people are moving away from the  traditional models of work and swapping time for money and turning to the internet to create an online business from home.


In addition to this so many jobs are now being automated and it would seem that in many industry’s the robots are really taking over the world. I visit a gym near me and I go to the spinning studio class, where we use exercise bikes with an instructor in front taking the class. They have now replaced the instructor with a virtual team of instructors on screen which takes the whole class, it would seem the robots have already arrived.


I believe the future is bright if you make the right decision now to create  your own online business, where you are in control of your time and your earnings, and you can build a business that your are really passionate about.


>>>Get Started For FREE and secure your future. 


You can help other people solve their problems and get paid for doing so, building your own tribe or audience of customers who know, like and trust you is the art of affiliate marketing. If you would like to know more or you have any questions at all I would be more than willing to answer them.Your Opinion Matters


I want to serve you as best I can, so you may have had some experiences within the online business world good or bad, if so I would like to hear about them, in the comments section below.


You will help others by sharing your experiences with online programs so please do share them in the comments section below.  I will always respond to any of your comments or questions.



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