Are you one of the many frustrated people out there trying hard to find someone who will actually show you how to become a successful affiliate marketer? If you are, then you have come to the right place, I will give you a free affiliate marketing how to guide, that will actually show you the strategy that real successful marketers use to make an online income.

A Free Affiliate Marketing How To Guide


I will uncover the strategy’s that no one else will reveal to you.



What you see in most blogs that claim to teach you about affiliate marketing is the overall process that is needed to become an affiliate marketer and in truth the affiliate marketing process is not a complicated one.


However, what they don’t show you is all the research and detail that is required to actually earn a living as an affiliate marketer.

How Exactly Does Affiliate Marketing Work


How Exactly Does Affiliate Marketing Work


Affiliate marketing is the art of bringing relevant products to buyers who are looking to solve a specific problem and are willing to pay for the solution.


A website is just a platform where you bring buyers and products together in one place, the most important aspect of an affiliate marketing website is the customer experience and not the colour of your theme or the software and gizmos that you use to build it.


The real reason Amazon is so successful, is that it is built entirely around the customer experience and not the people who own the company or the web designers. Amazon truly understands it’s audience and if you want to be a successful affiliate marketer then your number one priority is to understand the audience you have chosen to serve.


10 Things That Will Lead To Success As An Affiliate Marketer


  • Realise that affiliate marketing is about people not web design.
  • Customer experience is everything, build your website around your audience and not you.
  • Don’t treat online marketing like a video game.
  • Spend most of your time understanding what your audience wants.
  • Your website content needs to target specific problems that people want to solve.
  • The products you promote must be relevant to the problem your potential readers are struggling with.
  • You will not get rich overnight, but the earning opportunities are limitless if you are willing to work at this.
  • Software and tools can help but they can not do this for you.
  • Help people don’t sell to them, leave the selling to the product page your promoting.
  • Don’t focus on money, focus on adding value and serving your audience.


How To Choose Your Niche – Promote What People Are Buying

If you get this right you are heading towards a highly profitable business, the most crucial part of this process is the choosing of your niche or direction. To help you out here I will list the three most profitable niches.

These are often called umbrella niches as they cover a multitude of sub niches which you can drill down into.

How to choose your niche

  • Health
  • Wealth and self-improvement
  • Relationships

These are the big 3, they are the ones with the most pain in them and as so people are willing to spend a lot of money obtaining solutions within these niches. Because these niches are so big you only need a small piece of the pie to make a lot of money.



Profitable Niche Ideas to get you thinking

  • Learn a new language
  • Pets
  • Prepping
  • Relationships and dating
  • Personal Finance
  • Home security
  • Babies and parenting
  • Weight loss
  • Natural supplements
  • CDB Oils
  • Learning a musical instrument
  • Electronic gadgets and entertainment
  • Renewable energy
  • Subscription boxes
  • Virtual reality products
  • Self improvement
  • Forex and stock trading
  • Online marketing
  • Pregnancy
  • Weight Loss
  • Organic supplements
  • Health supplements

Don’t Worry About Competition

The niches above are so big that it’s entirely possible for anyone who is willing to put the work in to earn a life changing income in any of these markets. I will be showing you in this post how exactly to get a foothold in any profitable niche and get your slice of the pie, it’s easier than you think it is, if you know how to do it.


Let’s Take A Look At Some Of The Numbers


  • 80% of the US population, around 93 Million people have searched for health related products and solutions online.
  • The information products industry alone is worth $650 Billion dollars a year.
  • The natural and organic products industry passed the $200 Billion mark in 2017.
  • In 2018 Amazon’s product sales were $142 billion and 40% of those sales come from affiliate websites.


Affiliate Marketing Opportunities

These are just a few of the numbers that should wake you up to the massive opportunities there are online, the market is so big that there is no reason why you can not get a small slice of this pie and create a business online from home as an affiliate marketer.


As long as you know how to do it you can build an affiliate marketing business, this post will show you the exact process to get you started as a successful affiliate marketer.


There are 4 types of products that you can promote as an affiliate marketer and earn commissions from


Learn Affiliate Marketing The Right Way


I will go through the process of building an affiliate business from the very start, so as to give you the steps you need to achieve success. I can’t stress enough that detail really matters here, I am going to show you how to choose a niche and then a product to promote and use the product to research the audience that highly desire this particular product.

Here is an overview of the process involved, this is the process that successful affiliate marketers follow every time.

  • Choose a Profitable Niche.
  • Drill down into that niche.
  • Choose a highly converting product from Clickbank.
  • Research the product to understand your audience.
  • Carry out keyword research to find low competition high traffic keywords.
  • Create an avatar (Audience Demographic).
  • Choose a domain.
  • Build a product promotion post on your site.
  • Create articles pointing to that post from buyer keywords.


Finding an Affiliate Program – Beginners Guide

The 2 most popular affiliate programs are Clickbank for information products and amazon and associates for physical products, however there are many affiliate programs out there in all manner of products and services. The video below will give you a guide to finding affiliate programs for you to get access to




Step 1 – Choosing Your Niche Or Audience.


The No’1 thing to understand is that you are not choosing a subject you are choosing and audience to serve, remember at the end of all you’re marketing, you are promoting to people not Google. Getting your content on the first page of Google is important but not as important as creating the right content for the audience you have chosen to serve.


Its very important to realise that you can only succeed in business if you are promoting something that the market desires, in other words, promote what people are desperate for and are willing to pay to get the solution. For this example I will choose the health niche as I know there are millions of hungry customers out there.


Understanding your niche audience


High Level Niche = Health and Wellness

I am now going to drill down into this niche and choose weight loss, because this niche is full of hungry buyers, yes I know it’s competitive but wait and see and I will show you a way to get your slice of the pie.


Next step is to use a resource called Clickbank to research products to promote, Clickbank is really the best place to start if your new at this, it has no barriers to entry, is free to join and it’s easy to promote their products as they have huge selection of information products in many niches to choose from.


The commissions are very high, as much as 75% on most products as well as up sells and re-curing commissions on some products where you can earn even more money.


Promoting An Information Product 

Choosing A Clickbank Product In The Healthy Eating And weight Loss Niche.


If your not sure how to use Clickbank as an affiliate then my article called how to use Clickbank as an affiliate will show you everything you need to know, so without further ado I will choose a high converting product in the weight loss niche and then do my research on the product and the audience it is targeting.


Product = 2 Week Diet Plan



The 2 week diet


Statistics For This Product


Statistics for the 2 week diet


Benefits From The Affiliates Point Of View

  • Commission Level = 80%
  • Up-sell Commission = 27%
  • Gravity is not to high and not to low
  • This has won the award for the highest converting product on Clickbank for 2019
  • Very professional and high converting sales page
  • Affiliate resources are excellent
  • No diet pills


The product owner has gone to great lengths to help the affiliate promote their product, this tells me that the product seller understands marketing and not just healthy eating plans. It means that they have realised that their success depends on the affiliates success.


Here is a list of just some of the free affiliate resources that are going to make your job easier and lead to success.


  1. Beginners guide to promoting Clickbank products.
  2. Coupon codes to offer your potential customers.
  3. Customer demographics information.
  4. Banners for your website.
  5. Videos.
  6. Email swipes.
  7. Pre-sell content.
  8. Pre-written articles.
  9. Free PDF Report you can give away.
  10. Pre sell content.

Customer demographics for the 2 week diet



Below is a list of keywords that the product owners have laid out that are being searched for by potential customers of this product, the product owners have really done their research which will help you succeed as an affiliate marketer for this product.



Keywords for the 2 week diet


I think you can tell by the list above that if you choose to promote this product you life will be made so much easier with all these resources available for your affiliate promotions, and this is the reason that I have chosen this product as an example of how to choose a high converting Clickbank product.


Once you have chosen the product go to the sales page and the affiliate page for the product and start to learn about it and what problems it solves and how to utilise the affiliate resources to help you promote the product. Watch the whole video on the sales page if it has one, to learn about the product and who they are targeting.


Once you have a feel and specific understanding of the product in question you can begin to search out the best fit audience for this product and begin to target them on your website once you have one, this way you will not be trying to guess what to write about with your website content.

Don’t Use Hope A Marketing Strategy

How To Research The Ideal Audience For This Product


Always Ask This Question – What problems does the product solve?


At first this question seems to have an obvious answer, it solves the weight loss problem, but that’s the wrong way to think about it.

How to research your ideal audience

Think In First Principles

What are the main reason that people fail when trying to lose weight

  • They do not stick to their diets
  • Not sure what to eat and what not to eat
  • Information over load
  • No exact system to follow
  • No one to coach them
  • Most people feel fed up when they don’t get results very quickly


This product solves all these problems as it is a step by step guide with a proven system to follow, it also offers one on one coaching as one of the up sells. It has a 4 stage process that gets results in 2 weeks. People like systems to follow and someone else to make the plan for them.


  • Step by step system
  • Results in 2 weeks
  • An expert to show them everything
  • Scientifically based


So the product is really perfect for people who want the following results


  • Loose weight for a specific event
  • Loose weight quickly
  • Loose weight using a step by step system
  • Healthy eating done for you plan
  • Loose weight without exercise

Benefit for the customer


  • Instant access to product with downloadable content
  • Low price point for entry
  • Step by step system to follow
  • Fast results
  • Created by an expert with proven track record
  • Easy to follow
  • PDF Guides for every step


Now I know what type of problem this product solves I can do keyword research to find high traffic and low competition keyword targeting these specific problems. I will be using the jaaxy keyword tool to carry out this research, if your new to keyword research then my article on jaaxy and keyword research will show you how to discover great keywords in any niche.


The next step is to do some keyword research, before I start I will give you the most important tip that you need to succeed when building an affiliate marketing campaign.


Don’t try to rank your content for the highest traffic and therefor the highest competition keywords because that’s what everybody else is doing. Don’t follow the crowd go for the low hanging fruit when it comes to keywords, I will show you how to carry out this process in this post.


The method of building and ranking a website I will show you, is called the “trickle traffic method“, it effectively involves writing and ranking content on your website for small amounts of traffic, which will build trust with Google slowly and the traffic will soon add up. In addition to this your content may get shared on social media which will only increase your sites trust and rank.




Find a low competition keyword for your 2-week diet plan review

I found this keyword using the jaaxy keyword tool

Product name = The 2-week diet

Product Owner = Brian Flatt

Keyword = the 2-week diet plan Brian Flatt review. Average traffic = 64

Only 162 competing pages, this is really low and you will be able to rank quickly for this term quite easily.


Keyword research



 Finding Additional low Competition keywords.


We need to look for keywords that fit with what our audience wants, remember it’s about your audience and not you, if you solve their problems you will be adding value to their lives. Give them what they are already looking for and not what you think they want.


By understanding what sort of problems this products solves, we can select the right keywords for writhing content about which can be ranked in Google and then linked to the main review. This way you will only have affiliate links on one for your posts and all the rest of your articles can point to the review.


This is the basic website structure you want to aim for to get rankings in Google


Each article will be a low completion keyword with the highest traffic you can get for that keyword, these articles serve to funnel your visitors to your product review which has your affiliate links in it. This also serves the purpose of linking to your product review giving it authority in Google.


In addition to this, the only affiliate links on your website are on the product review page and no where else, to many affiliate links are bad for on page SEO.



Website structure for affialite marketing




Now that we have a great keyword for the product review, lets get some keywords for articles that will rank in Google and funnel people towards the product review.


Because we know what problems this product solves we can start with the right low completion, high traffic keywords to write articles about. we want articles and keywords that solve problems, which is what our potential audience is looking for.


How To Do Keyword Research That Will Get Results.

We are looking for 3 things

  1. Buyer keywords
  2. Keywords with low competition and high traffic
  3. Keywords in google search that are being served by social media sites

I found this very high traffic, low competition keyword on Jaaxy

7 day eating plan weight loss = total traffic 10014


This keyword fits the audience profile really well, so this is a real goldmine. I hope you can see the benefits of doing research and understanding your audience.



Low competition keywords




Targeted keyword research


Here are some more great keywords that have low competition and good traffic, that you can use to write articles for, they all match the type of problems that the potential audience wants to solve and so you will attract the right type of traffic.


Golden Affiliate Marketing RuleNot all traffic is created equal. You do not want traffic to your website, your want buyer traffic to your website.



Buyer Keywords



Buyer keywords are keywords that have intent

The type of keywords to use must be related to the type of problems the product solves

Low competition buyer keywords I found using the jaaxy keyword tool.

  • Healthy eating plan to lose weight PDF
  • how to lose weight for a wedding fast
  • best short range diet
  • review of the two-week diet

If you spend your time doing keyword research you will always find great keywords to rank for, if you look for them, its always worth spending time finding great keywords, don’t rush just keep looking and you will be able to write content that gets ranked quickly.


How to lose 10 Lbs In two weeks is a perfect fit for the product, Google is ranking pinterest images for this keyword, which basically means that there is not enough content for this keyword. So if you were to create an article on this keyword you could rank quite easily. It also means that you could set up a pinterest account targeting this keyword as well and link it to your blog.


Search Engine Results Page


So now you have a method of finding keywords for the product you are promoting, always ask, “what problems does the product solve” this way you can target the exact people that highly desire the solution that the product offers and you conversion rates will be much higher. In addition to this you will be able to get your articles to the first page of google much easier with low competition keywords.

Choosing The Right Domain For The Niche


The domain I would choose would be something with the words diet plan in it so as to really drill down into the niche and focus on people who want diet plans, rather than a general healthy eating blog, the more specialised your whole approach to the audience you are serving the more successful you will be.

One of the benefits of using jaaxy is that it tells you domain availability when you are searching for keywords


Choosing the right domain


This feature of jaaxy lists the domains available for these keywords they are all available for you to purchase and begin to build your niche affiliate site.


Any of the domains pictured here would be a perfect fit for this product and niche, focusing on diet or healthy eating plans, is what your specific audience is looking for, just give your audience what it already wants, it’s simple but it works.


Choosing your domain




The power of jaaxy is awesome for aspiring affiliate marketers it has everything you need for researching any niche and any audience for your niche site. Its like a one stop shop for affiliate marketing research.



How To Build Your Niche Website


How to build your niche website

For many people, this is a real road block as the technical side of building an online business can be daunting for some, fortunately building a website is not as hard as it once was, you essentially need three things

  1. A domain Name
  2. Web hosting
  3. Web building software

There are hundreds of web hosting services out there and domain name sellers, you will essentially need to buy your domain name first and then point your name servers to your new web host. Once you have done this, most web hosts will have the wordpress software which you can install on your domain and then you can build your website.


Wealthy Affiliate offers a complete web building and affiliate training platform all in one and its free to get started, if your not sure where to begin and feel like you would benefit from some guidance from other successful online marketers then you can read my full review here.


Of all the things I have learned about affiliate marketing, getting training, coaching and having a step by step process to follow are the most important ingredients of success as an affiliate marketer.


>>>Get trained for FREE to be an affiliate marketer


This post is designed to get you thinking like a successful affiliate marketer, preparation, research and a detailed understanding of your audience will bring you results and commissions. Be helpful and serve your audience and they will thank you for it. Build a site with helpful and problem solving content because that is what your audience wants.


Please ask any questions you have in the comments section below, I want to serve you as best I can so let me know if there is anything in particular you are unsure of and I will strive to give you the help you need to get your affiliate marketing business of the ground.



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